Reverie:   short scale(20″ or 22.45″) 12strings tuned to A-A or G-G.


Based on Doug Young’s specification, this model was created as a high pitch, easy to play 12string guitar.  Tuned to A-A or G-G using light gauge string set.    The 24.45″ model can be tuned to E-E standard  pitch by using medium gauge string set.

  • lower bout:        14 1/8″
  • depth:        3 15/16″ at end block, 3 1/2″ at neck block
  • scale: 20″(12fret), 22.45″(14fret)

It fits in Taylor GS min case and/or Hiscox Pro-II GCL-S*
Paulownia top brings punchy attack sound.

price:  $4000

OMY: Traditional OM shape with a bit of  yamamoto taste.


My original OM size guitar.   It’s  small enough for easy handling yet strong bass response(25.5″ scale) .   The short scale(24.9″) 12fret model has a bit sweeter, mild sound.
Works with any combination of tonewooods.  All Paulownia model was first introduced in 2014 on this model(above video)

  • round or sharp cutaway(standard)
  • lower bout: 15″
  • depth: 4-1/4″ at end block, 3-1/2″ at neck block
  • scale: 25.5″(14fre), 24.9″(12fret)

price $4000
full bevel(arm, knee, rib): $600

Talus :  000 size body with ergonomic design, angled neck joint, Wedge, full bevels


My interpretation of 000 cutaway design.  Body is longer at shoulder to keep geometry of 000.    Ergonomic design with Wedge, full bevel(arm, rib knee).   Angled neck joint effectively lower the neck heel which makes access to high fret position easy.

Talus Round or Sharp cutaway(standard)

  • lower bout:        15 1/8″
  • depth:        4-1/4″
  • Wedge©™ body, 3-1/2″ treble 4-1/2″ bass
  • scale:         25.5″(14fret), 24.9″(12fret)

price(Wedge, full bevel included): $4800

28.6″ Deep Baritone


The long scale(28.6″), true deep baritone tuned to B-B.  It employs Wedge and arm, rib bevels to ensure comfortable holding/playing.  Round or  sharp cutaway.   Paulownia top is also available along with AAA Adirondack spruce.

round or sharp cutaway(standard)

  • lower bout:        17″
  • depth:        4-3/4″
  • scale:         28.6″(14fret)

price: $5800   Wedge, bevel(arm, rib) included
multiscale: $200

MS12  Multiscale 12string


Multiscale(25.5″~27″) 12string tuned to E-E standard pitch using light gauge string set. Longer scale and higher string tension on bass strings ensure responsive bass along with use of baritone body.  Ergonomic design with Wedge, arm, rib bevels.

  • lower bout:        17″
  • depth:        4-3/4″
  • scale:         27″~25.5″(12fret)
  • 12string

price: $6200
multiscale, Wedge, bevels(arm, rib) included