If you’ve come to this website, it’s because you’ve been referred here. That pleases me, because I don’t advertise.

I’m a custom luthier who builds guitars one at a time. When musicians hear about my guitars, or even better, play one of my guitars, they end up here, reading the words you’re reading now.
I’m Tsuneyuki (“Tony”) Yamamoto. My background? Well, building fine acoustic guitars has been a lifelong dream. In my teenage years, I used to hang around music stores in my homeland of Japan. Playing and admiring instruments that I could only dream of owning.

Finally, I did save up and buy a fine, hand-made guitar from a local Japanese craftsman. He told me a lot about its design and construction. Fine points about wood fitting. About how different combinations of woods, shapes and thicknesses… about how all these things can work in harmony to create the “voice” of a particular guitar.

I still own that guitar, and have often used it as a reference: comparing it against my new designs.

Times have changed. Modern tools and techniques have made it easier to build a fine guitar. But the most important things have not changed, and will never change. As a luthier, I bring a unique combination of old-world Japanese woodworking craftsmanship, incorporated into my own modern guitar designs.

It’s my dream that I can pass along all that I’ve learned about guitars… as I build a guitar just for you. A guitar ideally suited to your own musical style and needs. A guitar that will make both of us proud, for generations to come.

Please, review this website at your leisure… I have a lot of things to say about my guitars and their design!

Tsuneyuki(“Tony”) Yamamoto